But first, really quick, I want to take you back through my journey on how I got here. 

I never thought I’d ever think so much about diet.  Honestly, at first I was surprised anyone would care about what I eat or how I lost 50 pounds.  When I started travelling a few years ago for photography, being mindful of what I was putting in my body was just something I was doing;  especially with so many temptations of good food around the world, it was a way for me to stay fit and focus for my destination assignments.

I didn't really plan for this diet thing to be anything more than that ...until my clients started asking me how to lose weight to prepare for their wedding shoots.  I am no physician, nutritionist or fitness trainer by any means (and I am not trying to play one on the internet either), but I know I've been through enough to help. 

To say the least, this was me before.


       o ... I once weighed over 200 pounds. 

   You probably will have some questions and comments at the end of this post.  I certainly love to hear them.


Looking back, I can see why most things I tried did not work.  I was lost most of the time because I did not know where to start - there were way too much information.  Eventually, I realized that things do not need to be complicated; this loops me back to why I am writing this article which is to condense everything for you, so you can ultimately reach your goal for your wedding shoot.  Below, I drew out a road map on my approach.  I will talk more in depth about each category in future blog posts.

Now, I understand that every body type responds differently ...however, for someone like me who wasn't born with "skinny genes", this blueprint worked.  If your wedding is coming up, I hope the information I am going to share in the future will help you prepare for your special day! 

In any case, this is my introduction and I hope that it is a start to many dialogues to come.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ...and stay tune for my next post.


The Real Life Diet of a
Destination Photographer